strands of silk - silk sleeping cap - dusk
strands of silk - silk sleeping cap - dusk
Strands of Silk

strands of silk - silk sleeping cap - dusk

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Silk sleeping caps restore the health of your hair by protecting your hair from abrasive, damaging cotton pillows.

Every night we toss and turn against abrasive, absorbent cotton pillowcases. This results in bed hair, split ends, and frizz. So unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to grow healthy luscious hair when your beauty sleep isn’t so beautifying.

Inspired by the tradition of hair wrapping, silk sleeping caps protect your hair in a soft silk cocoon while you sleep. 

Say hello to:
✓ No frizz or bed head.
✓ No more split ends.
✓ Natural hair oil dispersion from roots to tips, reducing oil build up at the roots and nourishing dry ends.
✓ Baby hair protection and growth encouragement.


The silk sleeping cap sizing relates to the thickness and/or length of your hair. There is an adjustable tie at the back of the cap, and elastic so the cap can shrink/tighten to all head sizes. Please refer to the following sizes for the silk sleeping caps: 

S/M: Will suit you if you have a small – medium sized head and short to medium length hair. If your hair is considerably thick we would advise sizing up. 

M/L: Will suit you if you have a medium – large sized head and/or long hair and/or thick hair.

If you are unsure with which size you should go with, we would recommend going larger to be on the safe side.

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