evo - head mistress cuticle sealer - 150ml

evo - head mistress cuticle sealer - 150ml

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A lightweight cream to help repair split ends, with added heat protectant properties.


Introducing evo head mistress cuticle sealer, a multi-purpose cream to make blow-drying and styling hair easier. Formerly known as end doctor, this hair cream no longer just seals ends but can now be used for blow drying and finishing too.

Improves hair manageability and condition, while adding softness and shine and reducing frizz.


Suitable for all hair types, especially dry, colour treated hair.


All evo products are free from propylene glycol, sulphates and parabens, and are not tested on animals.


Why Do I Need evo head mistress cuticle sealer?

  • Multi-purpose hair cream 
  • Formerly known as end doctor smoothing sealant 
  • Binds split ends 
  • Makes blow drying easier 
  • Can be used as a finishing cream 
  • Improves manageability and condition 
  • Adds softness and shine 
  • Reduces frizz 
  • 150ml

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